About Us


It's truly remarkable how a single small idea can blossom into something extraordinary. Cochon de Leaaf is built upon the fundamental belief that we all carry an inherent responsibility to create a significant impact within our community. Through a diverse array of events, we harness our collective talents and resources to effectively raise vital funds for the fight against pediatric brain cancer.

Our journey began back in 2015, born as "Smoke Dem if Ya Got Dem." Over time, we realized our calling was to immerse ourselves even deeper in the world of fundraising and give it our all. Along the way, we've taken immense pride in witnessing the positive ripple effect of our endeavors, extending not only to the Hogs for the Cause community but far beyond. In 2022, we made the bold decision to fully embrace our mission and rebranded ourselves as Cochon de Leaaf - a symbol of our unwavering commitment.

Are you eager to be a part of this incredible mission? You can play a crucial role by contributing to our cause through a donation today. Together, we can make a substantial and lasting difference in the lives of children battling this challenging disease.


Commitment, transparency, and fun. These three core values have been the cornerstone of the Cochon de Leaaf vision since our inception. We approach our work with unwavering dedication and wholehearted passion, sharing our progress transparently with the Hogs community and extending an open invitation to others to join us. Furthermore, we constantly push ourselves to think outside the box, infusing innovation into every aspect of our endeavors. It is this mission that fuels our ongoing success at Cochon de Leaaf.